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Virtual Dementia Tour Ireland

A Look Back at The Virtual Dementia Tour from Right at Home

Last month, Right at Home brought the Virtual Dementia Tour to five locations across Ireland as part of Carers Week 2019.

Support for the Care Giver

Engaging outside help, such as in-home care, creates a much better emotional climate and a more normal relationship among the generations

Take Care to Give Care

Caregiving can be physically taxing—and for many caregivers, the emotional burdens are even greater. Though providing care for an elderly or disabled loved one can offer many emotional benefits, caregivers struggle with time pressure, financial challenges and their work-family balance. And they unwittingly create even more stress for themselves if they succumb to an all-too-common trap: caregiver guilt.

Today's Challenges with Care of Our Parents

Our longer lifespan. A century ago, the average life expectancy was around 50 years. Today, the average is 78.8 years—which means that plenty of us will live into our 90s and even achieve centenarian status. But experts tell us that these bonus years may be marked by poor health and disability. It's increasingly likely that if we find ourselves needing care at age 75, we still might be caring for an elderly parent.

Easing the Burden of Family Carers

Approximately 274,000 family carers throughout Ireland offer home care to their ill, disabled or aging spouse, but often at the risk of stress-related conditions including anxiety, depression, headaches, backaches and sleep deprivation. Eventually, care for an ailing loved one can lead to burnout in which the carer is depleted physically, mentally and emotionally.

Engaging Seniors in Summer Activities

Summer is the opportune time for seniors to get outdoors and enjoy many of the hobbies and leisure activities they’ve loved through the years. With a few adjustments for mobility and exertion, people over age 65 can enjoy a variety of fun, safe adventures with family and friends.

Improving Sleep for Family Carers

When adequate sleep becomes a nightly struggle it drains energy and can drastically affect a person’s health, mood and daily functioning. Sleep deprivation is common among family caregivers because of the physical and emotional stress of caring for another, often while maintaining the responsibilities of children, work and home.

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